December Point Show


Show date- December 16, 17, 2016
Dec. Point Show: Cindy Meyer (610) 797-4219(h) or 610-217-6434(c)


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Best In Show December 2015

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Thank you for your Supported Entry of The Delaware Water Gap KC and Lehigh Valley KC Star of Bethlehem Cluster Friday, Dec 11, Saturday, Dec 12, and Sunday Dec 13.
Please advise your membership to enter early as there are limits on the entries: Friday, 1200, Saturday and Sunday 1800.  Rau Dogs Show is the Superintendent and a Premium List can be obtained through them or either club.  ENTRIES CLOSE WEDNESDAY, 11/25/15.
Lehigh Valley KC will also sponsor an Obedience Trial on Friday. 
Prizes will be offered for the most festively Decorated Crating Space each day, a $100 daily drawing for Bred-By Exhibitor Class.  Prize cards for Best Bred-By Dog & Bitch must be presented to the club table to enter this drawing.  Also, DWG offers a Rosette for dogs who complete their championship at our shows.
Please come join the fun and, hopefully, finish your dog at “the last show of the year”.

Logo-3-2-shows LVKC-Blue-Mtn-Cluster


Friday, Dec. 11,2015

Lehigh Valley KC Rally & Obedience

Delaware Water Gap KC – All breed Confirmation

Saturday, Dec. 12, 2015

Lehigh Valley KC- All breed Confirmation & Junior Show

*Lehigh Valley Great Dane Club will support the entry*

Sunday, Dec. 13, 2015

Delaware Water Gap KC – All breed Confirmation & Junior Show

Supported Entries Saturday and Sunday
Irish Setter Club of Del. Valley w/Sweeps, Jersey Skylands Labrador Retriever Club (Saturday)
Mid-Jersey Labrador Retriever Club (Sunday), Lehigh German Shepherd Dog Club
Lehigh Valley Afghan Hound Club, Garden State Siberian Husky Club,
Meadowland Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, Lenape Boston Terrier Club, Inc.
The Bulldog Club of NJ, Mason-Dixon French Bulldog Club
Poodle Club of Lehigh Valley, Raritan Belgian Sheepdog Club, The Anthracite Brittany Club
Concurrent Specialties (Sat. & Sun.) – Poodle Club of Lehigh Valley
Specialties (Sat.) – Mid-Atlantic Greater Swiss & Mason-Dixon French Bulldog Clubs

 Rau Dog Shows

Event Calendar


$31.00  Entry Fee




Ramada …………………   1500 MacArthur Rd, Whitehall, PA  (610) 439-1037

                   $64.99 + tax – Dog Fee Included

 Comfort Inn ……………….. Rt. 22 & 91, Bethlehem, PA  (610) 865-6300

                        $70.00 + $10 Dog Fee

 Howard Johnson … 3220 Hamilton Blvd., Allentown, PA (610) 439-4000

                   $70.00 + $25 Dog Fee

 Red Roof Inn …….. 1846 Catasaqua Rd, Allentown, PA (610) 264-5404

                   $62.99 + tax – No Dog Fee

 Holiday Inn ……. 7736 Adrienne Drive, Breinigsville, PA (610) 391-1000

                   $25 Dog Fee

 Best Western Lehigh Valley Hotel/Conference Center 300 Gateway Dr., Bethlehem, PA (610) 866-5800

                   $20 Dog Fee



Best Western ………. 5630 Tilghman St., Allentown, PA (610) 530-5545

Comfort Inn 7625 Imperial Way, Hamilton Blvd., Allentown, PA (610) 437-9100

Super 8 ………………… 1003 Airport Rd., Allentown, PA (610) 434-9550

Days Hotel ……..….….. 3400 Airport Rd., Allentown, PA (610) 266-1000


Chairperson- Denice Van Driesen

 Assistant chairperson Cindy Meyer




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A big thank you to all club members who came out to help at our December Point Show last Friday and Saturday. Because of so many dedicated club members willing to help, the show was a big success. Thank you again.


This will be LVKC’s second year of doing Obedience and Rally on Friday 12/12/14

Bred By Exhibitor  Groups

LehighDelWaterGap-PL201417-17 LehighDelWaterGap-PL2014-3

 We are pleased that our sponsor is Wysong and we thank Mark & Gloria for continued support to make this happen.


Owner Handlers of Best of Breed winners are eligible for $100 drawing at the end of Sat. and also DWG show.

Birthday-Cake-1 Prize


To All LVKC Members,


The December Point show did meet a “Mother Nature” challenge that is present every winter, “the White Stuff”.  We have had the Cleveland Classic as competition for years and then Eukanuba and most recently Valley Forge KC.    With the help of our valued LVKC members ( and you know who you are), we made the best of the situation.  The change with Obedience seemed to go well.   Did hear may comments regarding how friendly the LVKC members are  and how festive it looked.  We were again pleased to have Green Dog Sponsor the show.  We will be making a donation to Canine Partners for Life with the proceeds from the Biscuit Bar.    Thanx again to all of you LVKC members who made this happen.  It is appreciated. 


Denice & Ellen

Dec. PT. Show Committee


Photographs taken by Patricia Temarantz-Mickowski

December 14, 2013

green dog 2   photo photo (2) photo (6) photo (5) Cake

Judging Program Saturday December 14, 2013


LVKC December Point Show






Saturday December 15, 2012

Agri-Plex Agricultural Hall

302 N. 17th Street  Allentown, PA

(site of LVKC Canine Learning Experience)

Lehigh Valley Kennel  Club and its members in “Celebrating our 103rd Anniversary”

Webpage information or candid photographs contact Missy Brong at 610-683-5015 or email . Photographs on this website can not be reproduced or copied without permission. All photographs are copyrighted by all the photographers and LVKC. The LVKC December Point Show Committee would like to thank our sponsor, Wysong – Green Dog Promotions, LLC, Mark Rogers and Gloria von Zech.  Through their efforts they obtained ring sponsorships from their retailers.  They also raised $400 for Canine Partners for Life.  Additionally they offered BIS prizes and group prizes for both shows of the Star of Bethlehem shows and provided the prize for Best Bred by Exhibitor and groups prizes as well.  Mark and Gloria have faithfully supported all the LVKC venues including the Sept, Show and Canine Learning.  They also provide newsletters regarding canine nutrition and health.  We do appreciate all you do for us!   The LVKC Dec. Point Show committee would also like to take this time to thank all their members who helped to make this show a success.  The AKC Reps offered praise and complements on the show, as well as some constructive suggestions to make it even better next year. I want to thank Deb and all her committees for a beautifully run show. We had a wonderful turnout in entries and I think everyone had a great time. Thanks to everyone for all your hard work. Fran Jarvis, LVKC President

Best In Show


American Foxhound

Ch Kiarry’s Pandora’s Box


Please allow time for the slideshows to load. Photographs are candid & unedited.

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Inside the ring

Outside the ring & more….


Show Sponsor


$400 Donation for Canine Partners for Life from Wysong/Green Dog Promotions.

Webpage information or candid photographs contact Missy Brong at 610-683-5015 or email . Photographs on this website can not be reproduced or copied without permission. All photographs are copyrighted by all the photographers and LVKC.

Lehigh Valley Kennel Club December Point Show Saturday December 17, 2011

From our December Point Show Chairperson To All the LVKC Members, Thanks a MILLION to all the LVKC members who helped make our December 2011 Point Show a huge success. We heard many comments on both Sat and Sun about what a great club it is. Comments we heard were: Your members are friendly and helpful to all. Good workers and ready to pitch in as needed. These are the qualities that set our club above the others. Our show had a festive and spirited air on Saturday. The AKC Rep. also said things went well and really had no negative comments. We pulled off a great show even though we were up against Eukanuba & The Cleveland Classic. Hope everyone has a safe and joyous holiday. Thank you again, Denice & Deb The Dec. Point Show

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Group Winners and Best in Show & Bred By Exhibitor photos provided by Tom DiGiacomo

All candid photos taken by Missy Brong

LVKC Club Members and Trophy Table

Canine Partner’s for Life received a generous donation from the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club

via Wysong’s special treat bar.

(Photograph provided by Wysong)

The future of dogs showing is in the hands of our next generation, the Juniors.

Congratulations to all the participants and winners.

Bred By Exhibitor Groups and Best Bred By Exhibitor In Show

Show sights in and out of the ring

Special bonds between owner, handler and dog


Grooming Area and Vendors

Lehigh Valley Kennel Club December Point Show in conjunction with Delaware Water Gap

to form the

Star of Bethlehem Cluster

December 17 and 18, 2011

Agri-Plex Agricultural Hall

302 N. 17th Street

Allentown, PA

Lehigh Valley Kennel Club’s Panel of Judges

Mrs. Anne Savory Bolus

Mr. David Bolus

Mr. Anthony Clemento

Ms Janet Cohen

Mr. Bradford Dunn

Ms. C. Anne Eckersley

Mrs. Carol Esterkin

Mrs. Joan Goldstein

Mr. Carl Gomes

Mr. Jake Hoke

Mr. Randy Kelly

Mrs. Elaine Lessig

Mrs. Shirley Limoges

Mr. Charles Marcantonio

Mr. Michael P. Mooney

Mrs. Andre B. Schoen

Mr. Bruce R. Schwartz

Ms. Teresa E. Walker

***New exciting events this year***



Group judges to be announced


Come and Join

The Lehigh Valley Club

and the members in

Celebrating our 102th Anniversary

Cake will be served before the groups


Turn in your armbands



Multiple items will be available


“Pick-A- Prize”


Winners will be chosen hourly

from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

Items must be picked up by the end of the show

Our 2010 December Point Show was another success.  Congratulations to all the winners. This year’s show was at a new venue, featuring several new and exciting things. You were able to have your Best Friend blessed.  Armbands and entry forms that were turned in would  get you a ticket for a possible prize from our Chinese Auction. If you donated a dog food item or toy you got to pick a decorated bone from our tree, which might have contained a ticket for the Chinese Auction, Vendor Bucks or a free Dog Show Catalog. Dog food and toy donations were being collected and went to Peaceable Kingdom, a local no kill shelter. The 101st December Point Show birthday cake was enjoyed by many. We thank everyone that supported our December Point Show. Below are some of our dedicated LVKC members.

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Photographs courtesy of Ashbey Photography

Below are some of our dedicated LVKC members: