Summer Picnic

LVKC Picnic - Aug 3 2013 - 3

LVKC, Inc. Summer Picnic

Saturday August 19, 2017  – 4 PM to Dusk- Rain or Shine

UAW Local 677 Picnic Grove

2101 Mack Blvd & Downyflake Lane Allentown PA 18103

Across from old Mack Headquarters

Fenced in grove with good parking and large covered pavilion

Please contribute a covered dish

LEASHED 4 legged friends are welcome

EXPECT: Good Food, Good Friendship & Fun

RSVP by 8/12/2017

Fran at 610-867-7796


Lehigh Valley Kennel Club Picnic 2016

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday in the Lehigh Valley it was around 90 degrees. We had our annual

Lehigh Valley Kennel Club Picnic. I was worried about the weather but it was

fine. Under the large pole barn by the creek and with Ed’s old industrial fan on high it was quite pleasant. Best of all we had a wonderful turnout. Good friends rebuilding old and new friendships over pot luck. I look forward to this picnic each year. Note to self, announce the date early enough so more members can plan
ahead. Like our two banquets, this is a time to let your hair down and enjoy the company of friends. Thanks to everyone who helped put this together, Mary for

making the arrangements, Jim and JoAnn for hauling “stuff” from the shed, Jim

for his gourmet cooking out in the hot sun, Michael and Susan for helping setup and clean up, and everyone who was kind enough to bring the wonderful array of food. For dog people, we make some good cooks.

Thanks for a wonderful evening,


Photos submitted by Ellen Van Embden

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LVKC Picnic - Aug 3 2013 - 3 LVKC Picnic - Aug 3 2013 - 5 LVKC Picnic - Aug 3 2013 - 1
(Photographs submitted by Mary Saveri)

From Fran Jarvis….
Yesterday we had our annual LVKC Picnic. The weather was a gift from the rain, and the temps a relief. Everyone brought a wonderful array of foods. I loved the salads and Peters spare ribs (something I’ve never made myself). The most amazing of all, Carla brought a Wine Tasting table. We had such a wonderful time visiting with good friends. I know I say it every year but this was one of our best picnics. Thanks everyone for coming and making this a great afternoon.