Monthly Post

Tuesday, May 28, 2017

Dear Cooperating Vets,

Thank you so much for your participation in our first year of the Vet Email Exchange with The Lehigh Valley Kennel Club

There is no flyer for June or during the summer months.
The ExChange will resume in late August with the announcement of the September meeting and our Guest Speaker;

however please feel free to forward any events scheduled for this summer directly to
Missy at:
Missy Brong email

She will happily post it on our website!

Finally, if for whatever reason you choose not to participate next year in the ExChange (WHAT?)
please contact me; and if there is an adjustment that can be made to accomodate any concerns
know that I will make every effort to do so.  i
However if we do not hear from you,  your participation will be continued.
(Unless you just want to comment on how wonderful you thought the exchange
was and then by all means…etc.etc.)

Once again, thank you for your partnership and have a happy and healthy summer,

Tom Nardone