Contest Winners & Comments



Dear LV Kennel Club Staff,

I wanted to thank you for hosting such an inspirational contest!

Most of my gifted students chose to write an essay & considered participating-

Many chose to compete and some are even being considered as Finalists!

I just thought I’d check to see if we, at NWL School District,  can have a listing of our competing students in an effort to dote on our participants.

Please let me know if we can publish the Finalists’ names in our school papers and/or in our community.

We are so proud of those who followed through,  but we do not want to cloud the competition in any way.

Thanks for such a great opportunity!

~Beth Johnson

Mrs. Beth Johnson, M.Ed.

Gifted Teacher/ Gifted Case Manager

Professional Development Council LVIDA Debate Team Coach & Treasurer

Advisor for Class of 2018

Northwestern Lehigh High School New Tripoli, PA  18066 610-298-8661


  Dear Lehigh Valley Kennel Club members,

I wanted to thank you so very much for sponsoring the writing contest for the students of the community.  The contest   provided a wonderful experience for my daughter from the start to the finish.  She was truly exhilarated by the opportunity to write and share the story.  Reaching out to area students and providing them positive avenues to create is extremely generous.  This contest was a wonderful way to connect with the community and to give students a way to challenge themselves beyond the walls of their own schools. 

Thank you again for offering such a valuable and unique experience for my daughter.


 Shannon Mauro


Dear Mr. Nardone,
I am the journalism teacher at Freedom High School who has been supporting Joshua and Juliana throughout the “You Won’t Believe What My Dog Did” LVKC Contest.
I would like to know when and where the prize event will be held for these students. In an effort to support my students, I came to the readings in January, and I would like to be at the event when they are awarded their prizes.
Thank you!
Mrs. Erdman
Karla Erdman, B.A., MSEd.
Freedom High School (BASD)
Room 602 [x53602]
Website: MrsErdman
Newspaper: FHSForum


Thank you, Mr. Nardone, for the information and the kind words!  I will be sure to pass this on to my faculty.  

Aileen M. Yadush
Northwestern Lehigh High School
6493 Rte 309
New Tripoli, PA 18066
(610) 298-8661 x2244


Thank you Tom. It is greatly appreciated. We are so proud of Zoe and her accomplishments. I will pass along your sentiments to our school board and Mr. Brown.


George F. Fiore, Ed.D.
Superintendent of the Kutztown Area School District””

That is great news. I am very proud of her.  I know her parents, teachers and fellow students will be as well. 


Dear Superintendent  Fiore

I know you must feel great pride in the results of our very first story telling contest.
Zoe Weidman, the only student that participated from your district,  not only took 2nd Place for Middle Schools she actually scored 2nd highest over-all from all of the Middle and High School entrants we received.

We know the Kutztown is officially Berks Co. but so many of our members are from and near Kutztown that we were delighted to send the information to your district and schools; we hope more students from the Kutztown Area Schools will participate next year.

Please forward our congratulations to Mr. Brown and to your School Board.

Congratulations again and Thank You!

Tom Nardone
Publicity Chair
Lehigh Valley Kennel Club