President- Terri Hillard email
Vice President – Susan Funk
Recording Secretary – Michelle Pelizoto
Corresponding Secretary  - Bobbie Dunkling email
Treasurer – Denice VanDriesen
AKC Delegate - Dominic DiBalsi
Board of Directors - Rocco Spinelli, Suzanne Warfield, Yvette Thomas, Pat Temarantz-Mickowski

LVKC Committees

Awards Banquet – Bodil Aczel
Membership – Fran Jarvis email
Barks Newsletter -  Bobbie Dunkling
Membership & Records – Missy Brong
Breeder Information - Kay Sivel 610-462-5357 (9AM-9PM)email
Breed Handling - Ron & Carol Meitzler
Outstanding Service Award – Pat Temarantz-Mickowski
Canine Learning Experience  – (2016) co-chairpersons Dominic DiBalsi and Susan Funk
PA Federation - Lynne Kuczynski Veazie
Club Property – Jim Rentzheimer
Program/Breed - Pat Temarantz-Mickowksi (H)610-625-4233(C)610-248-8384
Constitution/By Laws - Mary Saveri
Public Education - Jim Rentzheimer
December Show – (2015)Denice Van Dreisen co-chairperson Cindy Meyer
September Show -(2015) Deb Rudert
Disaster Committee – Clydette Lobach
Sunshine - Jeanette Lesher 610-865-2986 email
Finance – Rocco Spinelli
Holiday Party – Rosemary Shaffer
Web Page & Facebook Page - Missy Brong email 610-683-5015